About Us

Freshback finds the best converting customer data to suit the needs of our clients. We focus on pre-qualification, validation and expression of brand. This makes our advertising more appealing to prospects.


We also run a premium affiliate programme – working with compliant publishers who deliver consistent quality traffic.

Using a multi-channel user acquisition model, we utilize email & social marketing, display traffic and paid search. This creates a strong base for delivering high volumes of unique leads to your website.


Know your customer = ROI

What’s the point in capturing data if you don’t understand it? We gain extensive insight into consumer behaviour on your website through our in-house developed software. We take this behavioral data and map it against your incoming prospects. This allows us to optimise your online flows, segment the data and increase your ROI.

How we work

1. Discovery

2. Targeting

3. Ideal customer information

4. Verified

5. Ready for conversion


Freshback Affiliate Program

We want to work with new and dynamic traffic sources - email marketeers, social and viral video publishers, RTB, SEO, PPC and Facebook publishers. We believe in a variety of traffic sources create the perfect marketing mix for our clients. We pay our publishers competitive rates on cost-per-lead, cost-per-sale and revenue share models. Our cutting edge lead management platforms tracks metrics in real-time, by traffic source. So we can optimize campaigns on the fly! Sign up to our affiliate program and start earning today!

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Verticals and Markets

Freshback operates in several countries: The UK, Benelux, Australia and New Zealand to name a few.

We focus on the following verticals:



Internet and Telco




Online Gaming

DIY/Home and Garden

Food and Dining

Travel & Holiday

Don’t think “Brand”. Think customer.

Think of your customers as your most important driving force behind your business. At Freshback, we believe the consumer is still King. So our lifestyle based advertising concepts gains insight into what the consumer wants. We ask relevant questions and produce targeted customer experiences.

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