Affiliate Marketing Basics – THE TRAFFIC MACHINE

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Affiliate Marketing Basics – THE TRAFFIC MACHINE

At Freshback Media, we believe education and partnership make all the difference in marketing. Becoming an affiliate is a huge step towards realising these goals as an online business.


So what exactly is affiliate marketing?

It’s using your website or email database to drive your customers to other websites. And the owners of these other website pay you for this unique traffic.

It’s really that simple. Except it’s not. There are rules and regulations, do’s and don’ts, good affiliates and really bad ones. Just like people.


So how does it work?

So let’s say you own a yummy mummies website: website for children’s clothes. And tons of traffic. Parents that just can’t get enough of buying stuff for their toddlers (aged 3-8). You have over 100,000 unique customers a month. Business is booming!=



Then you should sign up to a nice affiliate program with RELEVANT BRANDS – toy stores, baby food, more toys and clothes for older kids (aged 8-12). E.g. Intertoys, Toys R US, Gerber etc. Most FMCG brands (fast-moving-consumer-goods) either have affiliate programs or are part of affiliate networks. The pay affiliates, or “Publishers” to drive traffic to their websites. Payment structures vary based on industry and country, but by and large there is lots of money to be earned as a publisher.



By definition an affiliate is any company that drives customers and data subjects (customer prospects) to another website in exchange for commission. So no matter the industry you work in, you can become a Publisher and earn commission for your website traffic. So in essence, your traffic is worth its weight in gold.



With Freshback Media, we are always looking for new affiliates to enrich our network of publishers. We provide traffic across Europe, Australia and New Zealand, with new countries emerging every month. But to make traffic worth something, it needs to be relevant. So get in touch today and Freshback will help get you started.



Too often marketing companies and affiliate networks blur the lines between traffic and customer prospects. Untargeted, bulk style marketing is a long standing method of driving customers to websites. Huge amounts of impressions, opens, clicks and likes sounds fantastic, right? Until you realise no one is buying your product. You’ve blown $20,000 on marketing and didn’t come close to breaking even.

You’re discouraged and turn your back on the project. Affiliate marketing sucks….you think. The reality is you got a bad deal and bad advice. Now it’s time to try with RELEVANT TRAFFIC! The true superstar of online marketing. If you have a cool website with 100k a month in traffic, here are the revenue streams available to you as a publisher:


Display Advertising:

Display traffic is the most impulsive and responsive traffic there is. You’re on a website and you see adverts from another website. This advert or “banner” contains a “tracking link” – a unique link that tells your client (that other website) how many clicks, newsletter signups, sales and NEW CUSTOMERS your website is earning for the client. And you you! It’s big money baby! If you get it right. Relevant ads will mean the right users are clicking on that banner. Users who like what they see. Then you just wait for the commission to come rolling in. 😉

Example Affiliate website:

Affiliate Marketing


Email Marketing:

So those 100,000 plus unique users a month are your die hard customers. If you’re even a little savvy with online marketing, this is a crucial part of your “Customer Retention Strategy”.  If you’re not marketing to your audience actively, you’re either extremely happy with your service and revenue, or you need to get off your butt and start email marketing.


Sample Email Newsletter:

Email Marketing


Even if it’s once a month, an email send, or “mail shot” changes the game. You can send personalized emails to your existing database with your re-marketing offers (covered in next month’s article “Email Marketing – Key Steps”). You can also send newsletters to your audience with upsell and cross-sell offers. Here is where you place your affiliate ads to drive traffic to your client’s website. If you’d like to get started in Email Marketing, contact us at Freshback Media for a free consultation.





Asos FMCG Affiliate program:

Fashionmia Affiliate Program:


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